A Loan At Last | Wichita Gun Shops

We are not just any pawn shop!

A Loan At Last | Wichita Gun Shops is a family owned business since 1997. Located in Oaklawn, we’ve been serving the south side with new and used items from jewelry and firearms to video games DVD movies. 

A Loan At Last | Wichita Gun Shops

Hours Open: Mon – Fri. 9am – 6pm.  Saturdays 9am – 4pm.  Sundays – closed. 
3375 E. 47th st. south Wichita, ks 67002


Firearms (guns n ammo)

We are one of the best pawn shops in Kansas for our gun prices. We are one of the only area pawn shops to offer a nice selection of all types of holsters, including modern and western style.

We also stock a wide variety of concealed carry purses and encourage you to bring your gun with you to find the best fit and style. 

We also make loans on firearms and buy them too. 

Can’t find the gun you want locally? We offer FFL transfers starting at $20 when you buy from out of state and have it sent here. 

Knives, Jewelry and so much more!

Our selection of new knives, swords, and self defense items is impressive.
If you are looking for something unusual, we have it!

Collectible metal signs, DVD and blu-ray movies, along with gold jewelry and newere electronics are just a few of the retail products available.

 We offer these and more at great prices.

Our inventory changes often and we take pride in offering you very competitive prices on all of our products compared to other area pawn shops.

Financial Services

Our financial services include:pawn loans (mostly firearms, gold jewelry, some electronics)

  • pawn loans (mostly firearms, gold jewelry, some electronics)
  • money orders 
  • firearms transfers
  • check cashing
  • Buy gold jewelry

Some brands that we carry…